Publications and essays

March 2008 - Journal publication

Evaluating cytochrome c diffusion in the intermembrane spaces of mitochondria during cytochrome c release

October 2012 - Essay

Marfan syndrome: Past, Present and Future

November 2012 - Essay

What are the challenges in applying the Liverpool Care Pathway for the dying?

February 2013 - Journal publication

Suppression of HIV-1 Infection by APOBEC3 Proteins in Primary Human CD4+ T Cells Is Associated with Inhibition of Processive Reverse Transcription as Well as Excessive Cytidine Deamination

October 2013 - Service provision audit

Prescription of gliptins in a primary care setting

May 2015 - Journal publication

Waterlow score as a surrogate marker for predicting adverse outcome in acute pancreatitis

January 2018 - Essay for postgraduate diploma in medical education

Basics of ECG interpretation

March 2018 - Essay for postgraduate diploma in medical education

Assessment of ethical competence

April 2018 - Journal publication

Serial NSE measurement identifies non-survivors following out of hospital cardiac arrest

May 2018 - Service provision development

Triage and management of capecitabine-related diarrhoea

June 2018 - Journal publication

Financial implications of laparoscopic hot gallbladder service in a nontertiary District General Hospital

May 2018 - Essay for postgraduate diploma in medical education

Management of neutropenic sepsis

June 2018 - Service provision audit

BHOC Acute Oncology Assessment Unit service provision audit

July 2018 - Quality improvement forum poster

Introduction of electronic record keeping to the BHOC acute oncology assessment unit

September 2018 - Journal article

Clinical Teacher Article - Acute oncology bitesize