May 2011 - Medical school presentation

Pregnancy-related complications

April 2012 - Medical school presentation

Intestinal atresia

January 2013 - Medical school presentation

Expressive aphasia

May 2013 - Medical school presentation

Acute glomerulonephritis

May 2013 - Poster presentation at ACTA meeting

Correlations of intraoperative cerebral oxygen saturation parameters with length of stay and post-operative renal dysfunction in on-pump cardiothoracic surgery

November 2013 - Presentation at GP service improvement meeting

Gliptin audit

January 2014 - Medical school presentation

Peri-operative managment of cardiac surgery patients - Version 1

Post-operative managment of cardiac surgery patients - Version 2

November 2014 - Medical student teaching

Blood gases and metabolic disturbances

February 2015 - Presentation of audit results

Prophylactic antibiotics for patients with UGIB

March 2016 - F2 case presentation


May 2016 - CotE lunctime meeting talk

Influenza vaccines for preventing cardiovascular disease

July 2016 - Presentation of audit results

Iatrogenic blood loss in general ITU

November 2017 - Medical student teaching

Basics of ECG interpretation

June 2018 - Poster presentation

BHOC acute oncology service provision audit

January 2018 - Presentation for TLHP diploma

Father Christmas

February 2018 - Presentation for TLHP diploma

Cognitivism and constructivism

February 2018 - Presentation at SICOWE conference

Neurone-specific enolase for prognostication following OOHCA

July 2018 - Poster presentation at BRI quality improvement forum

Introduction of electronic record-keeping to the acute oncology department

July 2018 - Acute Oncology Bitesize Presentations

Malignant hypercalcaemia

Neutropaenic sepsis

Metastatic spinal cord compression

Raised intracranial pressure

Tumour lysis syndrome

September 2018 - Journal club

Propofol and food allergy

May 2019 - Recycling in RGH theatres


Winter scientific meeting poster

Audit meeting presentation

August 2019 - Novice teaching - Airway assessment

Airway assessment

September 2019 - Hyperkalaemia teaching

Hyperkalaemia presentation

December 2019 - Alcohol withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal tool

Audit meeting presentation

February 2020 - Midlines

Midline instructions

February 2020 - Thiamine presentation

Thiamine presentation

March 2020 - Case presentation - Hypotensive child

Hypotensive child